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Muy interesante y bastante llamativo el evento, pero la verdad, un evento que esté a escasos ocho días y no tengan confirmado el lugar, pierde bastante credibilidad. Lástima, me hubiera gustado ir.

Hey Tiffany, we're glad you liked our Facebook article, we delinitefy had fun writing it! Funny we also published and shared some fun pictures of ways you could enjoy your Blackberry, even when it won't send e-mails, BBM's, Facebook messages or Tweets! We too, are still using our Blackberries here at Circus but like you, slightly more wary.Wishing you a happy return to your social life!AngieCommunity Manager at Circus Strategic Communications in Canada

John & Co congrats on htintig 10,000 Free CRM users and the new website. Very happy to see Really Simple Systems hit both milestones! Martyn

Esteban,First your friends in Montana need to come to Vermont, where it went from 60 and sunny to now 2 inehcs of fresh snow on the lawn!I agree with Wim, there is a need for both. I think that in some areas research is beneficial, but maybe not at the leading edge of the adoption curve. In other words, so much is changing so fast that it is quite possible that the type of research required is just not there.There is another type of approach which is circulating maybe even too prevalent, you referenced the article yesterday on Twitter, the Wired article , by Clive Thompson. Here is the issue: Granted, thinking statistically is tricky. We like to construct simple cause-and-effect stories to explain the world as we experience it. The problem is that a lot of people are influencing others by their experience and being vocal.All I am suggesting is that we need balance and word of caution. I like lessons learned (hate the term best practices), but we need to make sure that the vocal ones, the ones sharing those lessons learned are thinking beyond it happened to me therefore it is a huge problem'. When that starts to happen, people look to statistics and think academics.Happy April Snow!Mitch

Allen,I did not make any differentiation (yet) into scoail marketing, scoail sales, and scoail service (which needs a new name since that does not work).I am posting tomorrow my first scoail marketing piece, a review of scoail marketing functionality deployed by Helpstream. Alas, I think that (as Wim also pointed out in his post above) is the next step for us: define scoail functions and strategies. I want to do the post on roadmap first, I like the way it is coming up.I agree with your definitions for now. It will require more time for me to think about it, so we will agree in full when we get there. I trust you more than I trust myself in Social Marketing though Thanks for the comment!

RobThanks so much for linking to our blog post onComMetrics ===> 4 tips for crsiis communication with social media marketing above.The how question is really important but I find not just the measuring. What I found also important to address is: what is the purpose of tweeting who is you target audience and why If you run a small organization that does primarily B2B instead of a global consumer brand like Tide (P&G), we surely agree that the content of your tweets should be different.As well, reach will also be different if you focus on engineers interested to follow you or housemen/housewives learning about a consumer brand.Finally, my experience has been that as a CEO myself, you best start first with blogging and then tweet.In turn, your Twitter account also helps to get people to visit your blog. Information I find for my next blog post (e.g., a great white paper) gets tweeted to my Twitter followers as well (i.e. the URL for the download) . before I am even done with the next blog post.For us it is not quantity but quality fewer tweets but more value .Rob, thanks so much for sharing.

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